Posted on Apr 13, 2021

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Schaffner EMC Whitepaper: EMI Filtering 101: Understanding the Basics

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The time it takes to develop and introduce a new product to market can be a major factor in the product’s success: The early bird concept. Delays due to EMI compliance issues along with additional costs of retesting can be very expensive.

Don’t risk stalled production and costly redesigns; learn what you need to know to get filter placement right at the beginning of product development from this guide. Review filter classifications, get layout and configuration tips, and more.

Find the solutions you need in Schaffner's EMI Filtering 101: Understanding the Basics. Read Now!

Posted on Apr 1, 2021

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Novastack 35 HDN

High Density board-to-FPC connectors for high-speed data applications

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- Narrow depth and low height, fully shielded board-to-FPC connector.
- 0.7mm mated height.
- Ideal for high frequency applications (5G mmWave, USB4 / Thunderbolt 3)      
ZenShield™ fully shielded design decreases EMI issue caused by 5G applications

This video says a lot with the graphics. Amazing design, amazing precision, amazing manufacturer.


•    5G devices
•    Enterprise data systems
•    High speed data processing
•    AI applications
•    Robotics
•    Vision systems
•    Mobile electronics
•    Video displays
•    Medical imaging
•    Scientific instruments

Samples, engineering consultation, application assistance and other support is available now.

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Posted on Mar 18, 2021

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Schaffner EMC helps Medical Device manufacturers meet the FCC and CE noise requirements, as well as other world standards. Overcoming EMC/EMI issues and passing EMC testing is the gatekeeper between product design, development, and bringing a product to market. If EMC certification isn’t attained for a product, a company can face serious liability and fines.

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Medical device standards like IEC-60601 are necessarily strict, considering the purpose and functions of this equipment. Schaffner’s medical-grade filters, chokes, transformers, and feedthrough components were designed to ensure reliable mitigation of EMI and compliance with medical standards.

Find the solutions you need in Schaffner's EMI Components and Quality Filters for Medical Devices. Read Now!

Posted on Mar 9, 2021

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Switchcraft High Amperage Jacks and Plugs

SWI img 1 3-9-21     Up to 11 A!

Switchcraft has the highest current carrying DC Input Power Jacks on the market, with over twice the current capacity of the competition. The industry has been limited to 5A for these products because no higher options were available. Now Switchcraft has opened the doors to creative new applications. These small diameter switching jacks and plugs are a great alternative to larger connectors.


IP68 when mated    Molded onto a cable
Panel mount Right Angle PC Mount
PC Mount (through hole)    AC-DC Internal switch
Sealed or unsealed Locking or non-locking versions

SWI img 2 3-9-21


Industrial instruments Marine Electronics
Solar Energy Systems Irrigation Systems
LED Lighting Power Supplies
Outdoor signs Battery Chargers
Security Systems Mobile Electronics
Laboratory Equipment Medical Equipment
Remote sensors Electrical Tools

So, what can you do with this?

If your AC plug-in product uses between 5 and 11 Amps, you would be able to remove the power supply from the enclosure or case, downsizing the case. You could likely remove the fan since the power supply won’t be warming things up in there. The UL would come on the wall plug-in power supply already, so you wouldn’t have to deal with those folks much. The time to market would be faster too, plus you would likely have a lower cost overall.

Is that revolutionary or what?

Please call us at 303-979-1131 or drop us a note at to discuss your application today.

Switchcraft is a leading supplier of a broad line of components for the audio, video, datacomm, computer, medical, military, industrial, transportation and instrumentation markets. With a basic line of over 5,000 standard products and thousands of variations, they specialize in quick-turn, low-volume, tailored harsh environment products using round, sealed connectors. With an on-site tool room and 3D design capability, they provide the fastest, most efficient response to your project's custom or tailored needs. Switchcraft is in Chicago, IL. Lead times, communication and transportation are better with products manufactured in the USA.

Posted on Feb 24, 2021

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We welcome ERNI Connectors to The Moss Marketing family of Electromechanical Solutions. ERNI is a global manufacturer of quality connectors for Automotive, Datacom, Automation, Aerospace, Medical, Instrumentation and Transportation industries.

Solutions include wire to board, wire to wire and board to board, with numerous configurations. They tend to compete in this market with higher performance and smaller size while providing superior service than their competition.

IoT, 5G, Data Centers, Cloud Computing and Hosting, Streaming Video and Gaming applications demand ever increasing speeds, and ERNI accommodates that with 25Gb/s data speeds in their ERmet ZD Pro series 2mm press-fit compliant pin backplane connectors. Microspeed connectors provide 25Gb/s data speeds in through-hole and SMT styles.

ERN img 1 2-24-21

ERmet ZD Pro 25Gb/s                                    Microspeed 25Gb/s

ERmetZDpro_ApplicationNote.indd (             ERNI-MicroSpeed-e.pdf

ERNI manufactures several other types of connectors for discrete wires and ribbon cables which we will highlight over the next couple of months.

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Please contact us with any questions or for help with your application.


Posted on Jan 29, 2021

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InsulFab, is considered a premier converter of foams, fiberglass and plastics, using a wide array of state-of-the-art cutting and fabrication techniques. The high level of automation provides economical processing of flat materials with consistent quality.

INS img 1 1-29-20


Fiberglass and High Temp Fiber
Foam-Open Cell
Specialty Tapes
Thermal Interface Materials
Foils and Shielding materials

INS img 2 1-29-21


3M K-Flex
Adchem Lydall
Armacell Sekisui Voltek
Concote Rodgers Corp
Fujipoly Sabic
ITW Formex Wm. T. Burnett
Johns Manville Fiberglass Zote Foam

INS img 3 1-29-21



Laser Cutting Electrical Insulation
Water Jet Thermal Insulation
Lamination Acoustic Insulation
Thermoforming Thermal Management
Vacuum Forming Airflow Management
Die Cutting Assembly Adhesives
Industrial Sewing EMI/RFI Shielding
Slitting Gaskets/ Sealing
Skiving Product Protection

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InsulFab is ISO  certified to AS9100D to fabricate and distribute foam goods, synthetic rubber products, plastics, foils, fiberglass, adhesives, metals and other materials for use in commercial, aerospace and defense applications.

     Gaskets, seals, thermal transfer, acoustic and thermal insulation

     Instrument trays and pads, conductive pads, adhesives, thermal insulation, Acoustic Insulation  

     Thermal and acoustic insulation, formed parts, seals, adhesives, electrical insulation, EMI/RFI Shielding, Airflow
     management, Vibration Absorption, kitting

     EMI/RFI Shielding, thermal management, airflow management, electrical insulation, vibration absorption, packaging,
     assembly adhesive, molded panels, mechanical protection, production tools, kitting.  

      Acoustic insulation and blankets, baffles, noise absorption, acoustic barriers, assemblies

INS img 5 1-29-21

Other Materials

Poron, Bisco, rubber, foam, fiberglass insulation, acoustic insulation, thermoform plastics, silicone adhesive, silica blanket, vitreous silicate, ceramic fiber, PTFE, neoprene, PVC, EPDM,  polyurethane, polyester, Buna-N, film, foil, tape, aluminum, metal, polycarbonate, polyamide, elastomer, acrylic, Mylar, conductive foams, conductive rubber, conductive silicone, ABS, radiant heat shields.

Combined solutions

Many of these materials can be combined to produce specific solutions for your designs, such as an electrical insulator with foil EMI shielding on the other side, or a radiant barrier with shielding. We can combine foams with plastics with adhesives, thermoform plastics, provide a thermal interface material with an environmental seal, etc.

Let us explore some possible solutions for your system.

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Contact us today!

Posted on Jan 13, 2021

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Stock Drive Product/Sterling Instrument’s new facility in Hicksville, NY is a state of the art 96K sf manufacturing and engineering facility. I am very impressed with the streamlined operation, cleanliness and professionalism I witnessed in the facility.

SDp img 2

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Along with a lot of new cutting-edge equipment, SDP/SI is fully ISO 9001:2008 + AS9100D certified with a high level of automation and lights-out manufacturing capabilities. SDP/SI manufactures precision motion components in the USA, providing standard, tailored and full custom solutions.

Today I’d like to share an overview of their Shaft Couplers.

SDP img 3

SDP/SI provides a wide variety of shaft couplers for flexible or rigid applications.  They use a variety of materials and designs to meet the specific torque, speed, angle and other requirements of your system. Fairloc® hubs are available to make them easy to use as well as provide precise alignment.

Standard shaft sizes from .0625” to .625”

Types of couplings

Bellows Gear Grip Flexible Spring
Flexible Slit type Spider Type Neo-Flex
Helical    Flexible Spline Disc Type
Sleeve Type Miniature Ball Rigid
Flexible Jaw Type Oldham Couplings Spring Wrapped
K Type Torque Tube Rigid Fairloc
High Speed   Anti Vibration

Flexible Coupling Shaft

Every application with shafts requires careful consideration of the system requirements to achieve optimum performance.  Application information and product specifications are readily available on the website.

To help you find the appropriate coupling for your application try the Coupling Selector Tool:

SDP/SI is a leading manufacturer of small mechanical components, servicing a wide variety of aerospace, medical, defense, automation, and commercial industries for over 70 years. Quotes, online orders, and 3D CAD Models are available on their updated estore at

SDP/SI offers over 87,000 small mechanical components, including gears, belt and chain drives, pulleys, shafts, shaft accessories, bearings, couplings, universal joints, vibration mounts, miscellaneous components, hardware, gearheads and speed reducers, right angle drives, brakes and clutches, motors and gearmotors. Capabilities include custom design, manufacturing, and assembly.

 For additional information about SDP/SI please visit