Posted on Jan 13, 2021

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Stock Drive Product/Sterling Instrument’s new facility in Hicksville, NY is a state of the art 96K sf manufacturing and engineering facility. I am very impressed with the streamlined operation, cleanliness and professionalism I witnessed in the facility.

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Along with a lot of new cutting-edge equipment, SDP/SI is fully ISO 9001:2008 + AS9100D certified with a high level of automation and lights-out manufacturing capabilities. SDP/SI manufactures precision motion components in the USA, providing standard, tailored and full custom solutions.

Today I’d like to share an overview of their Shaft Couplers.

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SDP/SI provides a wide variety of shaft couplers for flexible or rigid applications.  They use a variety of materials and designs to meet the specific torque, speed, angle and other requirements of your system. Fairloc® hubs are available to make them easy to use as well as provide precise alignment.

Standard shaft sizes from .0625” to .625”

Types of couplings

Bellows Gear Grip Flexible Spring
Flexible Slit type Spider Type Neo-Flex
Helical    Flexible Spline Disc Type
Sleeve Type Miniature Ball Rigid
Flexible Jaw Type Oldham Couplings Spring Wrapped
K Type Torque Tube Rigid Fairloc
High Speed   Anti Vibration

Flexible Coupling Shaft

Every application with shafts requires careful consideration of the system requirements to achieve optimum performance.  Application information and product specifications are readily available on the website.

To help you find the appropriate coupling for your application try the Coupling Selector Tool:

SDP/SI is a leading manufacturer of small mechanical components, servicing a wide variety of aerospace, medical, defense, automation, and commercial industries for over 70 years. Quotes, online orders, and 3D CAD Models are available on their updated estore at

SDP/SI offers over 87,000 small mechanical components, including gears, belt and chain drives, pulleys, shafts, shaft accessories, bearings, couplings, universal joints, vibration mounts, miscellaneous components, hardware, gearheads and speed reducers, right angle drives, brakes and clutches, motors and gearmotors. Capabilities include custom design, manufacturing, and assembly.

 For additional information about SDP/SI please visit


Posted on Dec 9, 2020

Schaffner EMC logo

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We are happy to introduce Schaffner EMC’s  
IF13 Power Cord Input EMC Filter

•    Easy to implement, no redesign required
•    EMC lifeline at last design stage
•    High performance in high frequency range
•    Retrofit for cord connected devices
•    No space allocation required for filter

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•    Medical Equipment
•    Data Centers
•    Instrumentation
•    High Frequency Devices            
•    Security Devices                    
•    Volume Challenged Designs            
•    Testing Centers                    
•    Broadcast Equipment
•    Worship Equipment                     
•    Communications Equipment            
•    Audio Equipment                           
•    Laboratory Equipment

SCH img 3 12-9-20

Filters can be chassis mounted, panel mounted and cabinet mounted as well. PCB mounted chokes come in a variety of sizes and power levels for those applications that require discrete component solutions.

SCH img 4 12-9-20

The Schaffner Group is the international leader in the development and production of solutions which ensure the efficient and reliable operation of electrical and electronic systems. The North American Power Solutions group offers a broad range of products and services including EMC/EMI filters and chokes, active and passive harmonic filters for power quality, and power magnetic systems and components, for low and medium voltage applications.

            Please call us early in your design cycle to look at EMC/EMI
            Options. You can call us at testing time too. We have samples,
            technical help and testing advice for you.
                    Call us today at 303-979-1131        

Posted on Nov 10, 2020

Moog Logo

Precision DC Motors

Moog, a brand known for quality, capabilities, great service and extraordinary performance. These are motors you would choose when performance matters.

Brush Motors

Moog's complete line of permanent magnet DC brush motors is available with integral feedback devices for closed-loop control. Optional pre-aligned encoders and rugged brushless resolvers provide accurate positioning. Integral tachometers are available. They are an economical and efficient choice for applications requiring velocity feedback.

Sizes range from 1.3” to 4.2” OD with lengths from 1.9” to 9”. The brushes are field replaceable for long life and easy maintenance.

For OEM applications they can be modified to fit your application with flanges, encoders, cables, pulleys, gears, etc.

Brush Motors


Brushless Motors

The Silencer® BN series of brushless motors offers diameters from 1.2 inches to 4.1 inches and lengths from 1.3 inches to 5.5 inches. It offers continuous torques from 2.4 to 519 oz-in and speeds up to 20,000 rpm.

Moog is known for tailoring their products to fit your applications, with windings, insulation, mounting options, shaft length and design modifications, housing variations, bearings and connections to fit your needs exactly.

There are other versions available as well, such as high -speed, high power, segmented stators, IP rated, frameless and full custom.

Brushless Motors


Torque Motors

Moog's direct drive brushless torque motors are designed to operate over a range of speeds for a wide variety of military, aerospace and industrial applications. Different applications require unique configurations of mounting flanges, housings, output shafts and electrical requirements. Our motors have high torque-to-power and torque-to-inertia ratios, high linearity and low electrical time constants. Reliability and long life are hallmarks of our products and since these are brushless motors, there are no carbon brushes to wear out
Moog manufactures brushless frameless torque motors ranging from 1.5” to 24” OD.  Many aspects of these designs are variable and the end product will perform the way you want it to.
The DB Series motors are set up for relatively fast delivery and easy processing for procurement on standard models. Modifications are pretty easy for this series, including cogless designs, hi temperature variations and mounting options.

Moog manufactures several other types of motors including cube motors, outside rotor styles, partial rotation motors and gear motors. Motor drives, gearheads, resolvers and many related components are also available.

Moog Torque MotorsTorque Motor



Aerospace and Defense Agricultural
Medical Security
Robotics Automotive
Industrial Marine
Space Tactical

We are proud to represent Moog products, since 1999. Please let us know how we can help with your application today.

Posted on Oct 30, 2020

SWI CXL logo

 Shielded DC Power Jacks

SWI sealed power jack


Switchcraft offers high quality DC power jacks and plugs with a huge range of options to fit any application.  This new offering features a front-mount jack with a metal housing and a thru-hole PCB mount jack with a metal shield.  Both are available with multiple center-pin sizes.



Battery charging Security systems Home Automation
Instrumentation Test Equipment Kiosks
Sensors Medical Devices Consumer Electronics
Audio Commercial Electronics IoT
Office equipment Alternative Energy White Goods
Lighting / Signs Surveillance Systems Sports equipment


Other Power Jacks and Plugs
Switchcraft also makes panel mount, pcb mount, right angle and straight, locking, IP rated, high current, high temperature, tailored and custom DC power jacks and plugs. They can mold connectors right onto your wall mount power adapter cable.

Samples are available! Please let us know how we can be of service.

Posted on Jul 28, 2020

Our Thermal Management Solution offering consists of heat sinks, cold plates, ceramic heaters, PTC heaters, custom flexible circuit heaters, cooling fans, blowers, custom air moving mechanisms, microblowers, microfans, fan trays, crossflow fans, thermal transfer materials, thermal insulation, radiant heat shields, reflectors and custom solutions.
We are glad to share a little detail that skims the surface or our vast thermal resources.

D6 Logo

*Heat sinks - Extruded and bonded fin styles made for your exact application.
*Liquid Cold Plates – HydroBlok Standard and custom solutions
*High Performance cold plates – HydroTrak patented square tube design
  manifold Systems for high performance applications
*Thermal Design – very capable engineering and design

D6 Cold Plates

D6 works with our customers to help solve the cooling needs for their application.   Many customers looking for a high-performance air-cooled heatsink or a high-performance liquid cold plate are drawn to the D6 product lines because of the ease of customizing to fit the specific design parameters that the customers have.

A complete line of standard liquid cold plates can easily be tailored for our customers.

Bonded Fin style heat sinks allow for tighter spacing of the heat sink fins. This method will produce more surface area to dissipate the heat and is nicely complimented by forced airflow. We can simulate various conditions to optimize the design for your application.

D6 Heat Sinks


Pelonis Logo

Fans -  AC and DC fans and blowers, from Micro Fans to HVAC Axial Fans and Duct Fans. Centrifugal Fans and Automotive Fans and Blowers. Pelonis offers one of the broadest lines of
air moving solutions in the world. Special features like PWM, Thermostat control, alarm output, and custom windings are available as well.

AC Fans

Pelonis Technologies provides alternating current (AC) fans in a large range of configurations for a variety of customer applications. Count on PTI's fans for safe, reliable features not found on competitors' fans: unique, multi-blade designs to increase airflow, high-quality long-life bearings for quiet operation, and safety features that protect against high temperatures, vibration, dust and water, designed to meet the most stringent of standards. (All PTI fans meet UL, cUL,
TUV, and CE certification. RoHS compliant.)

Pelonis AC Fan

DC Fans

DC fans are directly proportional to voltage which lets them run at the necessary speed for optimum cooling. Various fan models are available in a variety of voltages, are RoHS compliant, and are manufactured in accordance with internationally recognized standards for maximum safety. PTI offers a wide array of DC centrifugal fans, axial fans, inline duct and box fans. Sizes range from 25x25mm to
172x150mm. Voltages range from 4-6VDC to 48VDC.

Features available on the DC fans include auto restart, tachometer, rotation detection, PWM, advanced PWM, locked rotor indication, high efficiency, high airflow, life detection, over-voltage protection, TPWM automatic temperature control, RPWM manual variable resistor control. DC fans are also available in frameless styles and IP55-56.

Pelonis DC Fans


For the highest level of efficient air movement, Pelonis blowers are known throughout the industry for their durability and exceptional performance. Blowers are the solution for drying, heat exchanger, ducting or filtered applications where more pressure is needed.

Available in standard or high-efficiency models, Pelonis blowers are suitable for a variety of applications. Numerous configurations and options such as tachometer, rotation detection, OV protection, alarm output, and thermal speed control are available.

PTI also offers the TITAN series for high-end equipment designs that can be customized for specific applications. Because they incorporate "Intelligent Motion Controls", these blowers boost end-system performance and safeguard long-term reliability.

Pelonis Blowers


PTC Air Heaters
Extremely versatile, our PTC heaters can be used in various applications across multiple industries; to meet these diverse needs, we offer two types of designs: honeycomb and fin. Our fin PTC air heaters have several advantages. They’re designed for optimal safety, and, because they self-regulate, there’s no risk of overheating — which means they also offer superior conductivity, efficiency, and longevity. Our fin PTC air heaters are offered in various designs; low air resistance and high-heating efficiency models are available, and single or double insulation can be used. Pelonis honeycomb PTC heating discs, meanwhile, are made from an advanced ceramic material with over 1,200 holes to enable safe, energy-efficient heat transfer in small spaces. Honeycomb holder assemblies are available in three-, four-, or five-disc configurations, and custom orders are also available.

Ultra-Thin Flexible Heaters
Thanks to their unique physical and electrical properties, our ultra-thin flexible heaters offer superior performance and more effective heat transfer than other options on the market. With thin construction and a low-mass design, these ultra-thin heaters are well-suited for applications with limited space. Featuring built-in nanotechnology that provides greater flexibility, these heaters also transfer heat more efficiently and evenly than foil-imprinted heaters — resulting in faster heat-up and warm-up times.

Pelonis Ultra-Thin Flex Heaters

Immersion Heaters
Offering high thermal conductivity, our ultra-high-temperature ceramic immersion heaters allow for better efficiency than other metallic and nonmetallic heating elements. Self-regulating and eco-friendly, Pelonis immersion heaters are built for optimal user safety. They also have excellent insulation properties, and can be used in both water and air. In fact, they can heat up to 1200 °C in a dry environment (or up to 25-watt density) and can achieve up to 98% heating efficiency under water. Our immersion heaters have high withstanding voltage; they will not break even when applying 2500 V for a full minute.

InsulFab Logo

Thermal Transfer Materials – gap fillers and silicone pads efficiently transfer heat from the source to the heat sink. These are cut to shape with waterjets, lasers and die cutting. Pressure sensitive adhesives can be applied, and packaging is flexible to match your manufacturing processes.

Thermal Insulation – Fiberglass, foams and fiber insulations for a wide variety of applications.
InsulFab knows the benefits of fiberglass, foams, synthetic non-woven fibers, and specialty products and where they should be used. Materials can be laminated, sewn, cut and formed to meet your requirements. Insulfab has 30+ years of experience and a large assortment of automated processes to provide cost effective solutions that meet your quality requirements.

InsulFab Thermal Insulation

Radiant Heat Shields and Reflectors – Some applications require a more aggressive approach and InsulFab is up to the task with a variety of materials that can be used
In combination to match your space, weight, strength, shape and Environmental needs. Let their experts weigh in on your project.

InsulFab Radiant Heat Shields and Reflectors

We are in a unique position with a wide variety of thermal solutions from several manufacturers that can be combined to solve product design challenges. Different materials can be combined to move heat around, trap it, block it, attack it with air and water and dissipate it. We can even incorporate EMI/RFI Shielding and Acoustic Insulation into these solutions to address multiple design challenges.

We love to work with thermal management designs. Contact us with your challenge today.


Posted on Dec 20, 2019


Switchcraft Conxall has just introduced the Insta-Click line of ConX connectors which latch automatically when coupled with the receptacles. To disconnect them twist the spring-loaded wingnut 90 degrees counterclockwise and pull.

Harsh Environment  Mini Con X Insta-Click
The Con-X® Insta-Click™ series is sealed to IP68 for harsh environments when used with a molded cable assembly.

UV Resistant
A special high-PBT material provides excellent UV resistance for outdoor use and lighting applications.

Made in the USA
Made in USA to the high standards that have made Conxall the leading name in harsh environment connectors.

Contact Configurations
This series of connectors is available in a wide variety of contact sizes and configurations up to 10 pins, including the mixed contact size layouts with power and signal pins in the same connector.

Voltage Rating
Insta-Click connectors are rated at 300 Volts AC/DC.

Current Rating
13A max for # 16 contacts
7.5A max for #20 contacts             
3.0A max for #22 contacts           
Refer to website for detailed information

Contact Resistance
Gold plating on all the contacts allows a 20mOhm initial contact resistance rating

Outdoor equipment and machinery
Data logging
Security Systems
Safety equipment
Ambulatory medical equipment  Mini Con X insta-click cable
Parking sensor systems
Food Trucks
Sports Scoreboards
Outdoor signs
Indoor Agricultural Lighting
Industrial sensors and controls
Fire protection systems
RVs and recreational equipment
Solar power systems

Cable Assemblies
These connectors can be overmolded right onto the cable for you, increasing the pull-out strength, improving the environmental seal and making the cables tamper-proof. This also improved the manufacturing process by eliminating quality issues associated with in-house cable assembly.  Cables are 100% tested and documented.

Switchcraft Conxall, a division of Heico manufactures Harsh Environment connectors and cable assemblies in Chicago, IL. They are vertically integrated giving them full control of quality, timing, materials and variations in the products. Automation allows for their products to be manufactured with consistent quality and competitive pricing. Domestic production provides short lead times for tailored or custom products. Standard products are typically on the shelves of their distributors and are available coast to coast. The centrally located facilities provide low shipping costs and short shipping times as well.

Switchcraft Conxall makes harsh environment circular, data and sensor connectors, cables and custom assemblies. They also manufacture a wide variety of audio connectors, patch panels, breakout cables, video patch bays, panels and cables. The Switchcraft name is derived from their expertise in manufacturing switching jacks, formerly used in telephone switchboards. Established in 1946, Switchcraft became the standard in audio connectivity products and are widely established in the higher end consumer and professional level equipment. Even aircraft crews depend on Switchcraft quality for their communications systems.

Moss Marketing is proud to be associated with Switchcraft since 1948.

Product samples, demonstrations, design assistance and guidance are available from Moss Marketing throughout our territory, including NV, Southern Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Arizona, New Mexico and El Paso, Texas. With offices in Lakewood, CO, Salt Lake City, UT and Phoenix, Arizona, Moss Marketing is available to support your design efforts. Please let us know how we can be of service.