Thursday, December 16, 2021 By Dave Basila

Switchcraft Conxall has introduced the Insta-Click line of ConX connectors which latch automatically when coupled with the receptacles. To disconnect them twist the spring-loaded wingnut 90 degrees counterclockwise and pull. This eliminates over tightening the coupling ring which can damage the locking mechanism.

Harsh Environment      The Con-X® Insta-Click™ series is sealed to IP68 for harsh environments when used with a molded cable assembly.

UV Resistant     A special Hi PBT material provides excellent UV resistance for outdoor use and lighting applications. We can mold the connectors onto UV rated cable for a better tailored solution for your application.

Made in the USA     Conxall connectors are made in the USA to the high standards that have made Conxall the leading name in harsh environment connectors. Lead time is short, you can speak with engineering during the day time there are few delivery surprises.

Contact Configurations      This series of connectors is available in a wide variety of contact sizes and configurations up to 10 pins, including the mixed contact size layouts with power and signal pins in the same connector.

Voltage Rating     InstaClick connectors are rated at 300V AC and DC.

Current Rating   

13A max for # 16 contacts

7.5A max for #20 contacts            

3.0A max for #22 contacts          

Refer to website for detailed information

Contact Resistance     Gold plating on all the contacts allows a 20 milliohm initial contact resistance rating.


Outdoor equipment and machinery

Data logging

Security Systems

Safety equipment

Ambulatory medical equipment

Outdoor signs

Indoor Agricultural Lighting

Industrial sensors and controls

Fire protection systems

RVs and recreational equipment

Solar power systems

Cable Assemblies

These connectors can be overmolded right onto the cable for you, increasing the pull-out strength, improving the environmental seal and making the cables tamper-proof. This also improved the manufacturing process by eliminating quality issues associated with in-house cable assembly.  Cables are 100% tested and documented.

Switchcraft Conxall, a division of Heico manufactures Harsh Environment connectors and cable assemblies in Chicago, IL. They are vertically integrated giving them full control of quality, timing, materials and variations in the products. Automation allows for their products to be manufactured with consistent quality and competitive pricing. Domestic production provides short lead times for tailored or custom products. Standard products are typically on the shelves of their distributors and are available coast to coast. The centrally located facilities provide low shipping costs and short shipping times as well.

Switchcraft Conxall makes harsh environment circular, data and sensor connectors, cables and custom assemblies. They also manufacture a wide variety of audio connectors, patch panels, breakout cables, video patch bays, panels and cables. The Switchcraft name is derived from their expertise in manufacturing switching jacks, formerly used in telephone switchboards. Established in 1946, Switchcraft became the standard in audio connectivity products and are widely established in the higher end consumer and professional level equipment. Even aircraft crews depend on Switchcraft quality for their communications systems.

Moss Marketing is proud to be associated with Switchcraft since 1948.

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