Thursday, April 1, 2021 By Dave Basila

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Novastack 35 HDN

High Density board-to-FPC connectors for high-speed data applications

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- Narrow depth and low height, fully shielded board-to-FPC connector.
- 0.7mm mated height.
- Ideal for high frequency applications (5G mmWave, USB4 / Thunderbolt 3)      
ZenShield™ fully shielded design decreases EMI issue caused by 5G applications

This video says a lot with the graphics. Amazing design, amazing precision, amazing manufacturer.


•    5G devices
•    Enterprise data systems
•    High speed data processing
•    AI applications
•    Robotics
•    Vision systems
•    Mobile electronics
•    Video displays
•    Medical imaging
•    Scientific instruments

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