Military and commercial slip rings and twist caps, brush and brushless torque motors, brush and brushless resolvers, synchros, Fiber Optic Rotary Joints (FORJs), video/data multiplexer systems and/or cards, Quality and performance you can depend on. Standard, modified and custom solutions.

Torque Motors
Frameless DC Torque motor separates, from 1.5 – 24” through-bore style. For gimbal joints, radar, optics, and sensors. Applications include ground, airborne and space based systems, where torque is a key requirement. Brush and brushless versions are available. Tailored and custom solutions.

Slip Rings
Collectors or electric swivels allow unrestrained, intermittent or continuous rotation while transmitting power and/or data. On-Axis, through bore and separates for power, data and combinations. Fluid Rotary Unions Fiber Optics versions and combination units. Ethernet, HD Video and GbE slip rings.

Other Motion Components
Twist Capsules, Fiber Optic Rotary Joints, Fiber Optic Multiplexers, Resolvers,  Higher Level Assemblies, Combination Devices, Customs.

MOOG Product Lines

Torque Motors
Slip Rings

Fiber Optic Rotary Joints
Custom Assemblies
Twist Capsules

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