Wednesday, July 26, 2017 By Dave Basila

Our Thermal Management Solution offering consists of heat sinks, cold plates, ceramic heaters, PTC heaters, custom flexible circuit heaters, cooling fans, blowers, custom air moving mechanisms, microblowers, microfans, fan trays, crossflow fans, thermal transfer materials, thermal insulation, radiant heat shields, reflectors and custom solutions.

Heat sinks Extruded and bonded fin styles made for your exact application. LiquidCold Plates – HydroBlok Standard and custom solutions High Performance cold plates – HydroTrak patented square tube design
Manifold Systems for high performance applications Thermal Design – very capable engineering and design

Fans - AC and DC fans and blowers, from Micro Fans to HVAC Axial Fans and Duct Fans.Centrifugal Fans and Automotive Fans and Blowers. Pelonis offers one of the broadest lines of air moving solutions in the world. Special features like PWM, thermostat control, alarm output, and custom windings are available as well.

Heaters – Ceramic, flexible, PTC and
Ceramic immersion heaters. Standard
and custom configurations.

Thermal Transfer Materials – gap fillers and silicone pads efficiently >transfer heat from the source to the heat sink. These are cut to shape with waterjets, lasers and die cutting. Pressure sensitive adhesives can be applied, and packaging is flexible to match your manufacturing processes.

Thermal Insulation – Fiberglass, foams and fiber insulations for a wide variety of applications. InsulFab knows the benefits of fiberglass, foams, synthetic non-woven fibers, and specialty products and where they should be used. Materials can be laminated, sewn, cut and formed to meet your requirements.

Radiant Heat Shields and Reflectors – Some applications require a more aggressive approach and InsulFab is up to the task with a variety of materials that can be used
In combination to match your space, weight, strength, shape and Environmental needs. Let their experts weigh in on your project.

Standard and custom Air Moving Solutions
AMP45 - The Moog AirMaxTM P45 series of fans and blowers provides excellent output power per unit volume through the use of compact, high energy 3-phase brushless DC motors and efficient airfoil design. They are very quiet, high performance air moving devices that can be used with heat sinks and cold plates.

We are in a unique position with a wide variety of thermal solutions from several manufacturers that can be combined to solve product design challenges. Different materials can be combined to move heat around, trap it, block it, attack it with air and water and dissipate it. We can even incorporate EMI/RFI Shielding and Acoustic Insulation into these solutions to address multiple design challenges.

We love to work with thermal management designs. Contact us with your challenge today.