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Pelonis Technologies Introduces Micro Fans & Blowers

20 x 25.7 x 8.5mm (0.79 x 1.01 x 0.33in) Blower

Slotless DC Brushless Motors

Slotless motors provide zero detent torque for near zero vibration. These motors are ideal for medical applications with stainless steel housing which can withstand 1000 autoclave cycles.  A variety of rare earth magnets and tailored windings allow these quiet, efficient motors to operate at up to 100,000 rpm.

What if You Need an Environmental Gasket & an EMI Shield?

You have a few choices from Western Rubber.

First, you can use gaskets cut from either electrically conductive silicone or fluorosilicone sheet. These are either die cut or processed on CNC machinery, depending on quantity. They can be adhesive backed as well.

Conxall Data-Con-X® HDMI Weathertight Connectors

Conxall has just announced their newest addition to the Data-Con-X series, the HDMI connectors!

Mini USB Cable Assemblies for Harsh Environment Applications

This is the latest addition to the Data-Con-X series.


Board Level Shields

Board Level Shields
With today’s common signal speeds EMI/RFI shielding is more important than ever before. Tech Etch has a low profile SlimShield to meet your shielding requirements and your low profile needs.

Low-Profile SlimShield

Rotary Actuators

Moog Components Group’s new Model 220 rotary servo actuator features brushless DC motors with Neodymium magnets and several interface technologies to choose from.

This model was designed for flight surfaces on UAVs and is also used for speed control, brakes, throttle, doors, gimbal deployment and other higher reliability applications.

Moog Industrial Products

We are pleased to welcome Moog’s Industrial Electromechanical Actuation products to Moss Marketing. They design and manufacture Actuators, Servo Actuators and DC Brushless Motors, Drives and Servo Motors for industrial and other demanding applications. Whenever the highest levels of motion control performance and design flexibility are required, you’ll find Moog expertise at work.

New Acme Lead Screws from Stock Drive Products

Stock Drive Products (ISO 9001 Registered Manufacturer) now carries all former Techno, Inc. Acme lead screws and nuts. The lead screw selection is vast, with many different diameters, lengths, and number of starts available, as well as left-hand threads for certain sizes.

Product Synergy

Product Synergy is key to providing value for our customers. One of our Field Sales Engineers can meet with design engineers during a project and provide a wide variety of high quality electromechanical solutions, in one meeting, with one contact number and follow up path. That saves our customers time, effort, confusion, communications delays and dropped balls.

K2 Energy

We are pleased to announce the addition of K2 Energy to our lineup of top tier manufacturers that will tailor their products to fit your application.

Road Trip

Our approach to the market is to really know the capabilities of our manufacturers since we often work outside the catalog to provide exact solutions for our customers. This gives them an edge over their competition and allows them to compete better and sometimes enter new markets with their products.