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LCD Character Modules with Character

By Dave - Posted on 15 December 2011

LCD Character Modules have been around for 30 years. They provide user interface information in medical, industrial, instrumentation, consumer and commercial devices. We are all so used to seeing them on our clocks, coffee makers, microwaves, car radios, thermostats, etc that they are not considered as adding much to the look of any product. Until now. Do you need to differentiate your product from your competitors? Do you want to have a display that adds a lot to the look of your product, without going to an expensive TFT technology? Here is a little excitement for your products from Orient Display. A minor design change can add a tremendous amount of appeal to your products.

Backlight LEDs are available in a rainbow of colors. Using a negative display, we can help your information stand out in style. It is refreshing to see products with out-of-the-ordinary displays.
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Orient Display is one of the largest LCD manufactures in the world. They supply Character, Graphic, ICON, Automotive, standard and custom LCDs with heaters, touchscreens and other options. Pricing is excellent too!

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